In the lush and fertile lands of Eastern Mississippi lies Circle M Plantation. This magnificent Southern plantation boasts of more than 75 years of hunting heritage, having been first purchased specifically for hunting in the early 1920s by the governor of Oklahoma following a bear-hunting trip on the nearby Noxubee River.

Our fields have been planted with only the best foods to attract these types of game, and the success of past hunts truly speaks volumes.The hunting for various species of game birds and animals proved to be simply superb, and some years later the presidents of General Mills, Archer-Daniels and Weyerhauser purchased the plantation for its fabulous quail hunting. It was the gentlemen’s pursuit of the elusive and wary Bobwhite quail that has distinguished Circle M Plantation as one of the South’s finest hunting destinations.

In 2003 three families in Birmingham purchased the Circle M for their family and business use. These folks have hunted and fished together for many years in locations as far afield as Europe, Patagonia, and Alaska, but their love for hunting our native game in home banks led us to purchase the Circle M. Fortunately, there was the perfect place to build the 54 acre Lake Carol, which we are developing into a trophy bass lake, allowing us to continue pursuit of our love for fishing on the same property. Since the owning families and their businesses do not use the full capacity of the Circle M, we are happy to share it with others who love the outdoors on a limited commercial basis. We are managing our habitat and wildlife with the best practices to continuously enhance the hunting and fishing experience at Circle M.

Today those same hallowed shooting grounds are being made available to the public on a limited basis for the true Southern quail and white tail deer hunting experienceWe work diligently to provide our guests with comfortable surroundings, gourmet Southern food and the opportunity for the genuine companionship that one finds in the outdoors. So whether your interests are for business, family entertainment, or an exciting day afield with your friends, Circle M Plantation would like to welcome you to our family of satisfied clients. We will do our best to ensure that you have a memorable outdoor experience and plan to come again.